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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Zoocobia's Love Is in the Air

The weekend before Vday, me and my family visited Zoocobia for the first time. We were there to witness Zoocobia’s pre-valentine event which was entitled Love is in The Air. Thanks to the tickets I got for free courtesy of Miss G. Thanks Madam! I also tagged along with me my good blogger friend Armela and his son to experience the activities there.

It is my first time in the said place and we were excited to know what the place has to offer. Taking photos though was a struggle for me because baby was sleepy all the time and he turned a little fussy towards the end of our stay there. Fortunately, my friend had some photos to share. Visit her blog which is

Upon arrival, we were given a map that we can follow in touring the place. We first started checking on the birds and owls since they were near the entrance. I observed that baby loves birds in his book but because he was sleepy that time, he didn’t really enjoyed much of the scene. I tried rocking him to sleep in my arms but there were so many attractions and his interests got triggered and can’t entirely focus on sleeping.

There were owls even during afternoon. These owls were called diurnal owls and they are the opposite of nocturnal. They are active during the day instead of night. I am not even aware of this information as I have known that owls nocturnal. It really pays to continue learning. It’s actually nice to see some owls awake in the afternoon. I remember Hedwig from HP when I saw the owl. I tried taking photos of baby and his dad with the birds but he’s just way fussy.

As we stroll along, we saw more animals like ostrich, snakes, turkeys and a lot more. They really had a great line of animals in Zoocobia. We are actually expecting a zebra and a lion but there’s none. 

After seeing different animals, we rode the Zooc ride going down. The place was an uphill.  When we walk passed animal to animal, we didn’t realize we’re actually on the top of the place already. It’s my first ride of something like that and I tried to be really careful because I am wearing my baby. Good thing I am babywearing him which made the ride pretty easy because I have control of my baby. That’s the comfort of babywearing!

When we were below the place, we fed some animals like deer, horse, camel and even wagyu. Jaycee even rode the horse and was trying to attempt in riding the camel but there’s no one manning the particular animal that time.

We also rode the Zing line after Jaycee rode the animal. This time, I didn’t wore baby so I am really afraid to take risk in riding Zing but according to the staff, it is safe because they can buckle us both in one sitting. We braved to do it and yes, it wasn’t even thrilling at all because it isn’t as high as I imagined it could be. My friend’s son even rode it by himself and enjoyed it. I, having an acrophobia braved it with my baby so there’s really no harm in trying if you wish to do it..

After the Zing ride, we decided to eat some snacks because it is also baby’s feeding time. After eating, we waited for the real show to start. Love is in the Air will start at 6pm but eventually was pushed at around 7pm. They presented the animals but sadly, I didn’t really paid much attention because their sound system and speaker isn’t giving a clear sound. After introducing the animals, they proceeded in presenting short skits, fire dancers, LED night show and the LED balloon show. We skipped the last part which is the balloon show because it was too late and baby was already sleeping when the production started.

Our overall adventure at Zoocobia was a memory for keeps. Aside that it is baby’s first zoo visit, we were also complete and we even have friends who joined us. It was such a nice opportunity to reconnect with Mother Nature and be grateful with all the wildlife we still had. The experience made me realize to care more for my environment and hopefully I can pass it to the future generation. I hope that teaching my students the value of taking care for Mother Nature will be instilled to them and hopefully they can protect it for more years to come.
Much Love, Mommy ❤
Sunday, February 18, 2018

Product Review: Johnson’s Baby Laundry Detergent

Johnson’s being a staple brand in every household recently launched a new product which will surely help moms with their babies’ needs. It’s the Johnson’s Laundry Detergent. We grew up with Johnson’s products at home and it’s only now that I saw a laundry detergent from the brand. I am grateful for they sent me these products to review.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tree Top Adventure at 25th PTAA Travel Expo

On February 9, 10 and 12, 2018 from 10AM in the morning at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay, the 25th PTAA Travel Expo will be held. The same as the previous years, the event organisers are expecting to draw thousands of crowds. 

Tree Top Adventure (TTA), one of the leading theme park in the Philippines will join the event with marketing officers coming from Baguio and Subic. TTA will provide tickets with 50% off discount and can entertain travel operators or travel agencies who likes to be accredited under TTA.